Welcome to Divine Maven Co! My name is Jessica Hutto, also knows as the Divine Maven. I am an intuitive Spiritual life and business mentor. What lights me up is helping women come back to their truth through intuitive development and chakra work, while they co-create their dream life and soul-aligned business.

I created Divine Maven Co to assist you in your spiritual journey and self-expression. I know when I first started my journey, I had lots of questions like, "what is sage?", "what does this crystal do?", "how do I energetically cleanse my home?". I also wished there was a place I could buy what I needed for making my own meditation space, and eventually retreat decor and items. I have found my clients come to me with the same questions, so I decided to create a space for you that had it all

Divine Maven Co is your one stop shop for all things spiritual- from jewelry to clothing to crystals and more. Plus, I included a blog section with everything you need to know about your new spiritual tools! 

Curious to learn more? I teach online courses on manifestation, oracle cards, and intuitive development, as well as facilitate retreats and 1:1 spiritual and biz mentorship. Learn more at www.jessicahutto.com

Enjoy and welcome to Divine Maven Co! 

Massive Love,

Jessica Hutto